THE PRE-JUDICIAL DEBT RECOVERY SERVICE consists in taking over the receivables which were not settled during monitoring.

Actions taken as part of the pre-judicial debt recovery process aim at obtaining the total debt amount from the debtor and, in justified cases, securing repayment of debt for the future (protecting the interests of creditor, protecting the debt against limitation).

The debt collection process carried out by Kancelaria Corpus Iuris Sp. z o.o. includes:

– complete reminder and negotiation process,
– contacting the debtor via letters, telephone and in person,
– searching for address data, – determining the intentions of the debtor,
– signing settlements, agreements on debt restructuring, as well as documents on acknowledgement of debt, taking into account the grace period for repayment, – securing the documentation and preparing the case for judicial proceedings.

ON-SITE DEBT COLLECTION is one of the elements of the pre-judicial debt recovery process. On-site visits are carried out at the place of residence, place of stay or workplace of the debtor. Terms of debt repayment can be agreed upon during the visit.

Additionally, effective management of direct debt collection is ensured due to the electronic reporting system. Information obtained during on-site recovery supports later judicial and enforcement proceedings and include, among others:

– confirming contact data
– establishing the workplace
– determining the possibilities of carrying out enforcement proceedings – establishing the possession of movable property/real property
– delivering notifications about the possibility of being entered into the National Register of Debts