ENFORCEMENT SERVICING OF DEBT consists in management and serving debts within enforcement proceedings.

The following actions are offered within this service:

– initiating the enforcement proceedings,
– current contact with bailiffs in charge of cases,
– handling correspondence,
– assisting in the enforcement process,
– controlling payments made by bailiffs,
– settling and monitoring irregular payments.

POST-ENFORCEMENT SERVICING OF DEBTS – long-term supervision We also offer support in cases in which the recovery process ended in unsuccessful enforcement proceedings. Kancelaria Corpus Iuris Sp. z o.o. carries out periodic negotiation or enforcement actions with regard to such claims. The objective of the negotiation procedure is convincing the debtor to voluntary repayment of debts over the longer term, on favourable terms (in instalments, with cancellation of all or part of the interest).

Re-initiating enforcement proceedings is possible thanks to the continuous monitoring of the debtor’s situation and supervising actions taken by the bailiff. Supporting the bailiff by providing information on potential objects, which can be subject to enforcement proceedings, and the debtor’s current financial situation is also very effective.

The assumption that the debtor’s financial situation and his/her willingness pay off debts can change (improve) over time is the key to success.