Our Company guarantees efficient handling of cases in judicial proceedings preceded by determining the debtor’s financial situation.

At the request of our Clients, we draw up an opinion – a report on the inexpediency of pursuing a claim through legal channels when the anticipated costs associated with the recovery process are higher than the claimed debt.

We propose taking the following actions in the case of claims which are worth more than the operational costs:
– sending a pre-judicial call for payment,
– monitoring payments, – in the case of no payments
– initiating the judicial proceedings,
– filing a complaint to the court (including electronic proceedings by writ of payment),
– conducting pre-enforcement debt recovery,
– in the case of no payments
– initiating the enforcement proceedings.

Our Company performs an initial pre-selection of the debt portfolio. This action makes it possible to develop an optimal action plan and establish priorities for individual cases. The legal analysis conducted by our Company allows us to obtain maximum effectiveness in enforcement proceedings, at the same time reducing the costs to be borne by the Client as much as possible.

Our Company, after obtaining a writ of payment, takes actions which aim at satisfying the awarded claim before it is moved to enforcement proceedings. At the same time our Company collects information on the financial and personal situation of the debtor in order to use it at the enforcement stage.