The service consisting in monitoring repayment is addressed to companies which have problems with untimely settlement of debts by their customers.

It is a tool which disciplines contractors to settle their liabilities in a timely manner. Even a few-day delay in payment can become a major problem for entrepreneurs. In such situations the risk of a gridlock in your company as well as the loss of solvency rapidly increases. Placing the stamp on documents issued by your company is a warning sign for your contractors.

THE PRE-JUDICIAL DEBT RECOVERY SERVICE consists in taking over the receivables which were not settled during monitoring.

Our Company guarantees efficient handling of cases in judicial proceedings preceded by determining the debtor’s financial situation.

ENFORCEMENT SERVICING OF DEBT consists in management and serving debts within enforcement proceedings.

Acquisition of debt portfolios is our Company’s leading activity. This service is the most important element of the comprehensive debt management process – it ends the process for those debts which, from the Client’s perspective, have not been repaid despite the fact that the entire debt collection process had been conducted.