The debt management sector is among the most dynamically developing areas of economy. It has a large potential for further development, because, despite the fact that the tools, technologies and solutions applied in this sector are similar to those used in other European countries, the significance of this area in Poland is still not as big as in highly developed countries.

A robust growth in the area of debt trading has been observed in the last few years. The fastest growing segment of the Polish debt recovery market consists in consumer receivables.

The activity of debt collection companies has become a permanent element of the financial market. It is hard to imagine the activity of banks or companies offering mass services without entities which collect outstanding payments. At a time when “living on credit” and mass consumption became so common, being in arrears in the payment of the debts or bills for services became a problem. Overdue debts are often the cause of a financial gridlock and may expose companies to loss of liquidity. To counteract this, companies can establish an internal unit tasked with recovering outstanding debts, they can hire an external debt collection company or sell their claims.