In the past few years the debt market in Poland has developed very dynamically. This was helped by legislative changes and development of the financial market, in particular, the legal act which makes it possible to create securitisation funds, which creates access to this market for a broad group of financial investors.

The change in the provisions allows banks who sold their claims to securitisation funds to release reserves, and thus obtain a tax shield – this generated a constant supply of debt portfolios on the market. An additional innovation was the creation of an e-court which streamlined and simplified recovery processes. Currently, although cooperative banks and credit unions are becoming new players on the market, it is expected that the supply of debt portfolios will stabilise, and thus despite of good perspectives for the Polish market, GCI is implementing a plan to enter promising foreign markets. The countries which are most interesting are those which still do not have a developed debt collection sector and, at the same time, have a big banking sector, thanks to which there is a high supply of consumer debts. An additional argument for an expansion is the anticipated higher return rate than the one expected in Poland.

In order to implement the development plan, a company called Corpus Iuris Carpathia SA, which will be operating in Romania, was established in December 2014. The project is carried out in cooperation with an international law firm and one of the largest investment fund societies in Poland.