• Prawo fundamentem i gwarancją jakości naszych usług

    Prawo fundamentem

    i gwarancją jakości naszych usług
  • The law is the cornerstone and the guarantee of the high quality of our services

                  The law                 

    is the cornerstone and the guarantee of the high quality of our services
  • Skuteczna Windykacja

    Skuteczna Windykacja

  • Effective debt collection

    Effective debt collection

  • Masz dług?

             Masz dług?         

    Wspólnie znajdziemy rozwiązanie, skontaktuj się z nami
  • Are you in debt?

           Are you in debt?       

    Together we will find a solution – contact us.
  • Kariera w Corpus Iuris

    Kariera w Corpus Iuris

    Dołącz do nas
  • Your career in Corpus Iuris

    Your career in Corpus Iuris

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Kancelaria Corpus Iuris is a company specialising in the management of processes related to debt recovery. We help our Clients recover the funds they lost and help find a way out of a difficult situation for those who have lost the ability to settle their liabilities. In our daily work we are guided by a set of fundamental principles and values that form the pillars of our company. We conduct our activity in line with provisions of law...

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Kancelaria Corpus Iuris offers its Clients a comprehensive selection of services ranging from monitoring to buying out debts. Our managers have years of experience in the debt trade market and are well acquainted with the problems Polish companies face in this field, thanks to which they are able to find an optimal, individual solution for each Client.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are convinced that you, just like us, wish to reach an agreement which will result in the repayment of the debt on terms which are satisfactory for both parties. This agreement would make it possible to avoid the costs of judicial and enforcement proceedings which are always incurred by the debtor. That is why we ask that you contact our Company immediately after receiving the first call for payment from Kancelaria Corpus Iuris.

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On 25 September 2008 our securitisation fund - Corpus Iuris Niestandaryzowany Sekurytyzacyjny Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty (Corpus Iuris Non-standard Closed-end Securitisation Investment Fund) was registered by the Regional Court in Warsaw, 7th Civil Register Division under the number RFI 414. The fund was established by Ipopema TFI S.A. Kancelaria Corpus Iuris Sp. z o.o. was the first participant of the Fund.

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The main activity of GCI SA is focused on managing the group, building a strategy for subsidiaries, optimising the functioning of the group as well as expanding it and searching for new investment areas in the broadly defined debt collection and debt trading. Investment objectives are implemented by...

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If you were informed that Kancelaria Corpus Iuris Sp. z o.o is now the owner of your debt and you would like to solve the issue of this debt, just call 662 019 137 or send a text message with your phone number along with the case reference number. We will contact you and jointly decide on the terms of the agreement.

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